Tool data base information?

I’m looking for the down load for the v carve tool data base but I can’t find it. Can anyone share the link?


About a quarter of the way down this page under Tool Library Files.

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Thank you Michael. There are no flat end mills in the data base, why? Strange, I have checked and rechecked and there are no end mills.

Here is a screen shot, there are tapered and ball end, no flat end mills. But sometimes when I open a project and open tools I see them.


I don’t know what would cause them to not show up, but sometimes be shown in tool selection. I have not used their database, only entered bits manually.

Michael, it seems that if I am cutting something the is using a V bit the flat endmills don’t show in the database but if I am using a clearance bit they show. I think this is a software glitch. All the bits should be displayed I would think. Maybe V carve or the longmill folks have an answer.

@MikeH @_Michael It’s not a glitch. It has nothing to do with the LongMill folks, either. It is by design in Vectric software.

This is from the Vectric forum:

"When you open the database from a toolpath by default it will only show the tools that are valid for that toolpath.

You can change that behaviour (and verify it’s all there) by right clicking in the tool tree on the left of the database and unchecking “Hide groups with incompatible tools”.


@MikeH @_Michael @gwilki as Grant said, not a glitch at all, a safety feature in the Vectric software. Before selecting any toolpath operations, click on the “display tool database” button on the toolpaths tab. First button in the fourth row, you should find all of the bits in the database.
If you need to use a clearance end mill for a vcarve, you would click the vcarve/engraving button, set a start depth AND A FLAT DEPTH, pick your vbit, click on “Use Clearance Tools” check box and pick your end mill. I would encourage everyone that uses Vectric software to join the Vectric forum. You will learn so much and you get to hang out with the great folks that actually make the software and the gurus that help any one with a question. Another great group of people. And you get the latest info on new gadgets…

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@RickW @MikeH @_Michael FWIW, I’ll add to Rick’s recommendation of the Vectric forum. I am very seldom in a position to help anyone there, but when I ask for help, the experts there unfailingly come to my rescue. They really are wizards when it comes to all things Vectric.

Thanks everyone, it is appreciated. I thought I was going nuts for a bit, the case of the despairing bits.

But, to be clear the fact that the problem has been solved is not an indication as to whether or not I am going nuts.

Might take you a couple more weeks to go completely nuts. Fun getting there though!

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Strange, I use the Sienci tool database and vetric aspire and have had no issues. with endmills not showing up.

Since we have collectively resolved Mike’s issue concerning the tool database, I am closing this thread. It’s unfortunate that we could not address Mike’s mental issues, but … :grinning: