Tool Length Sensor

Wondering where might I look for the SLB Schematic? Failing that I would like to wire in my Hilitand Tool Length sensor which has 4 wires (yellow/Green for probe) and (red/black for over travel)

Probe (TLS seems to want3 wires) and over travel would get wired into the e-stop.

Guidance please.


It turns out that I have solved the issue by using only two wires from the sensor (yellow and green) into the Tool Length Sensor connector at ground and signal positions which seems to work. So I expect (think) that the same holds true if I wanted to use the red and black for over travel to the e-stop position.


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Hey Andy,

Yes your footnote is correct. I made some notes in the manual for how to deal with a 4-wire TLS, I hope you found it otherwise I can try to add more clarification. Glad your setup is up an running for now! (I’ll mark my response as the solution, but that’s only because I can’t mark your own footnote as your own solution)

Note from me: For a NC TLS, I don’t know why they still add an over-ravel switch option, but perhaps they’re just trying to offer extra extra care for the more expensive CNCs.

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