Tool not cutting into material

Ive got the same problem I had a few months back....Unfortunately , I cant remember how I resolved the problem… After probing and zeroing all axis I start my project but the bit just cuts into the project a little bit…Any help will be greatly appreciated.


What bit size and type did you probe your XYZ zeros with? Did you change bits after probing?

In Vcarve is the top or bottom of the material set for your Z?

@Fireman1963 What is your CAD/CAM software? What bit are you using?

Plus, @Swinly 's questions. :grinning:

Using 1/4" 60 degree v bit …Top of material set for z axis in vcarve desktop.

@Fireman1963 If you post your .crv file, we can look at it. What MAY be happening is that the distance between the two lines that you are cutting inside of is so small that the V bit touches both lines when barely cutting into the wood. In VCarve, using a vcarve tool path, the bit will only go deep enough to touch the inside and the outside of the character/graphic you are vcarving.

You could be right…I cut the same project before but it was bigger and it cut deeper.
I uploaded the .crv file.
Inernet Cafe 9 inch.crv (2.4 MB)

@Fireman1963 Part of the R in “internet cafe” is only cutting to .003". Specifically, the top curve of the “r”. Others of the letters are very, very shallow, too.

In VCarve, when you calculate your tool path, then preview it, you can hold your cursor anywhere in it and the depth in Z will be displayed.

If you hold you cursor over the actual tool path, it will display, among other things, the max depth of the tool path. In this case, the max depth is .134". So, you have some of your graphic over 1/4" deep and other parts so shallow as to be a scratch in the wood.

I didn`t realize you could find the depth of cut in vcarve that way…Thanks for the info…So I guess it is the size of the project that limts the depth of cut?


Aloha Fireman1963,
Did you go back into your CAM side of your program and double check to see if the depth on your tool changed without you knowing it. I have Vcarve Pro and it has done it to me a few times.
Aloha Bill

@Fireman1963 A few things determine how deep a vcarve tool path will cut. When cutting letters such as in your project, the bit will only cut until the sides of the bit touch the two edges of the letter. So, the wider that gap, the deeper the cut. You can make letters bigger and the same bit will cut deeper. Another option is to use a bit that is a steeper V. You used a 60° v bit. A 45° and a 30° will cut deeper on the same size letters. Yet another way is to use a tapered ball nose bit and pocket out the letters. Some tapered ball nose bits have tips smaller than .02" and the taper is quite steep. If you were to try this cut, you would set the max depth, since otherwise it could get very deep on some of the “pockets”. It’s really just a matter of playing. The beauty of VC is that you can play, see what works and what does not, and play some more - all without cutting anything.

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