Touch plate connector

Went to add my touch plate this evening and the green plug wouldn’t fit the controller. From the assembly guide, the screws face down, but I felt like I was forcing to much for this to be correct. Anyone else have an issue fitting the plugs to the controller?

If you look at the wires, mine is black on the left with the screws on the top.

I did try it both ways. Hmm I’ll take a look again. Thanks

@Volatile_Elixir It will be snug and it will only go in one way. Since the space is tight, be sure that you are not trying to plug it into one pin on the probe socket and one pin on the one adjacent to it. DAMHIKT :grinning:

Indeed. Just feels like the solder joint will break off the controller. Can’t be that tight. There were also little nubs on one side of the probe connector. Didn’t make sense

@Volatile_Elixir I’m sure that there was a discussion some time back about needing to shave off a nib on some connectors, but I can’t find it just now. I’ll keep looking In the meantime, you should have connectors on the board that you are not using. Just switch one of them for the one that’s on the probe wire.

For me it’s the E-Stop connection. I can get the others to click lock into place.
But I’ve given up with that one. Once I mounted the controller under the table I secured the wire so that the connection can’t get pulled.