Touch Plate problems

I have gone through the topics related to the touch plate, however I do not see my specific issue.
I’m using UGS and have un installed and installed the latest nightly build currently 20201119

I have set all of the parameters for the probe module and triple checked them.

The issue is when running either the XYZ or XY part
In XYZ the first part of finding the z height works as expected.
The machine will then move left, then down then right until it touches the plate, it then moves back a bit and re touches the plate.
Then the chaos, it move forward a small amount then fast move to the right for about 2 inches then stops with the following error

[Error] An error was detected while sending ‘G91 G21 G0 Y-1.0’: (error:9) G-code commands are locked out during alarm or jog state. Streaming has been paused.*
[Error] Error while processing response <An error was detected while sending ‘G91 G21 G0 Y-1.0’: (error:9) G-code commands are locked out during alarm or jog state. Streaming has been paused.>*
**** The communicator has been paused *****

I can run the probe function in Z and it works fine, XY or XYZ gets the same error and erratic behavior.

I have checked all of the connections and still cant solve the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help

@Gryphaan Two things:

  1. Download a newer version of UGS. There are 2020 versions available.

  2. Post screen caps of your probe settings, so we can look and make sure all is well there.

  3. (I lied about only having 2 things.) Make sure all your cable connections to the probe are secure and that the polarity is correct. Include in that the screw that holds the wire onto the magnet.

Sorry for the delay. Work always seems to get in the way of fun :smiley:
Here are the settings


And now for the fun part, I deleted all of the files and re installed the latest version again. and went through the test again and it works perfectly.
Apparently there must have been a glitchy file…

Thanks for the reply anyway

– Brian


Has anyone found any documentation or done any experimentation to figure out the meaning of the various numbers?

The Z parameters seem fairly logical, the plate is 15 mm thick and it will travel 15 mm down before faulting. I just can’t figure out the XY parameters.

For example, on the XYZ probe cycle, what variable sets the ‘depth of probe’ so to say? If I have a tapered bit in place, I want to ensure the Z goes down enough to get past the taper. I don’t see anything that controls that and it seems to be somewhat random.

Any help would be appreciated.

I would recommend not doing an XY probe cycle with a tapered bit. Use a straight bit for that and then put the tapered bit in and do a Z probe cycle.
I’m taking an educated guess on what the settings mean.
X/Y Distance: the distance to move before giving up if the touch plate is not touched.
X/Y Offset: the thickness of the probe block walls from the work piece X/Y sides to the Probe Block X/Y walls, basically the same measurement as the Y Touch Plate Thickness only in the X/Y directions.

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