Touch plate using different gcode sender (not UGS)

Hi everyone. I am a CNC newbie and I can use your help.

I have been unable to get UGS to work using my MacBook running Catalina. UGS crashes while loading even after I painfully allow individually components to go through the security loopholes.

Anyhow, I am able to run SourceRabbit. So far I have been able to load gcode files created with Carbide Create and Fusion 360. (BTW, I also tried Carbide Motion which installed correctly, but I am unable to make it communicate with my Longmill).

Is there a way to set up the Sienci touchplate using SourceRabbit (or a gcode sender other than UGS)? The instructions on how to install and setup the Sienci touchplate were created using UGS.

@MonkeyBear I can’t help with SourceRabbit, but can you tell us what version of UGS you tried?

Thanks for your quick response. I’ve used both the latest nightly build and the stable one I believe from August.

@MonkeyBear I have nothing to give you on UGS then.

If you want to continue to try UGS, it may be worth posing your question here

I’ve had excellent advice from the “inventor” of UGS on that forum.

I will follow your advice. Thanks for the tip.