Tramming question

Just finished assembley of my 48x30. Going to tram but i have a question. I have not found a video on tramming the bigger gantry with an 80mm spindle mount. To tram front to rear do you have to losen the four screws on the back side of the gantry or is there an easier way to adjust

Did I type this in the wrong place or is there a better catagory to put this in?

@Samspade Welcome to the group, Dave. The general discussion category is not way off the mark for your topic, but I believe it may be better here. I’m sure that you will get member advice to address your question. I have never trammed my Long Mill, so I cannot offer any help.

Hi there, I think IDC WoodCraft has a couple of good YouTube videos on the subject.
Here’s a basic vid by Garrett Fromme who owns IDC WoodCraft, and he demonstrates on a 48 x 30 Longmill

Check out their YouTube channel:

Hope this helps!