Tree of Life Project

Finally finished a cut worthy of posting.

Fresh off the Longmill.

Cut the whole thing with the new gSender program too!


@Dlab006 Well done, Darrell.

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Excellent - what bit type/size and wood did you use and what design software please?

Designed in Vcarve desktop.

Wood is brown maple, it’s 20 inches is diameter.

Used a 1/4 downcut, 1/8 downcut and 60 Vbit

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Finished with lettering blacked and a coat of rubio monocoat.


Very nice. How did you color the lettering black? By hand? And what kind of color did you use? I tried coloring pine, but was not good.

I used Varathane Accelerator, it’s easy to apply with a small paint brush and I sand off the top to make it nice and clean.

I used acrylic paint on other things, but like the look of this stuff, shows more grain and not giving it a coated in paint look.

Beautiful job, congrats!!!

@Dlab006 Very Nice, looks like a family heirloom, how do you like Rubio, I have been using Osmo but several coats takes time.

I really like rubio, 1 coat seems to be good enough I think.

I bought a small “tester” bottle of the 2C pure and that has done all the projects I had done previously. I used the last half of that tiny bottle on the tree project sign, probably could have used less, but getting it into the carving and out might have ended up with a bunch of waste on the paintbrush and rag.

Either way I like it. My local wood shop has the full array of tints in tester bottle to try, so I plan on trying them at some point to see how it turns out.