Trouble shooting alarms on MK2 30 X30

Hello everyone, I finally got around to putting my MK2 30 X 30 machine together. New at all this and trying to be as patient as possible. So I thought I’d reach out for some help. I have installed my limit switches and enabled both soft and hard. My X is @ 750 and Y @ 816 as recommended. I zeroed everything out. So when I try surface my spoil board I get alarm saying I’m past my limits. I noticed that after I zero everything out there is negative number under it. Does this have anything to with the alarms? If so what is my next step? Thanks for help. Mike

@BigDaddy57 Welcome back, Mike. I’ve moved your question to the Machine Help category. I believe that it may get more attention here.

Appreciate you doing that!

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Did you enable homing and home the machine before setting zeroes? I think the soft limits only work right after homing. Homing sets the machine coordinates, the little numbers in gSender. Then the numbers from settings $130-$132 in the firmware are the max distance from the homed position that the machine can travel to without triggering a soft limit.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that there are separate homing direction inverts in the firmware. Keep the E-Stop handy in case it goes the wrong way when homing for the first time.

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Hey Michael, I couldn’t remember if I followed that order of homing. I rebooted then enabled homing then homed. The enabled soft. It all worked out. So now I can move on to the software. For right now I’ll probably start with something simple let easel until I get comfortable and move up. One more question, I’m using 1.2 gender. Should I download a newer version or will 1.2 be ok? Michael thanks again for taking the time to help me resolve this issue. Greatly appreciated!

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Your welcome. As far as gSender goes I usually stay up date without any problems. There are a bunch of new features, like keeping track of machine time for regular maintenance. It won’t be a problem for you to stay with 1.2, if it ain’t broke you don’t have to fix it.

If you have a problem with a newer version it’s not difficult to go back. You can save your current settings to a file in the General section of the settings. That’s a good thing to keep a backup of regardless of version.

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@BigDaddy57 As your issue is resolved, Mike, I am closing this topic. If you have further problems, don’t hesitate to open a new topic. As you have seen, there are good people here willing to help.