Trouble shooting

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone could help me out?
When I created a program on carbide create an saved to Gcode. I opened the file up in USG platform and it looked to be off the grid? Not sure what I did wrong? I’ll try to download pictures to show everyone. Not sure if it has to do with the calibration of the machine or what?
Thanks in advance

Check the version of carbide create, might be out of date. Also recheck the job setup settings, put the zero at the lower left if it isnt already there, resave the file and generate the gcode again to see if it helps. Is your operating system compatible with the version of carbide create youre using?
Also, Carbide Create Pro is available for a free 1 year term of use, try that.
Ive used Carbide Create often, never saw it do what youre experiencing.

Thanks for the tips Markus… sorry for not replying right away. The kids have the laptop tied up these days for school work. I’m just trying to figure it out now.