UGS Error Code when trying to Jog

Morning All,
Trying to get my longmill 30x30 to move using UGSplatform64.
All seems good when I turn it on, get the clunk. Then as soon as I go to move any of the axis’ I get an error code immediately. Tried another computer that had worked on a precious machine. Thinking it is the box, but any suggestions?

You may need to reload the control box with Grbl. Instructions are on the Sienci web site. Once there go to resources drop down tab. Then LongMill resources. On the left select Advanced and then select GRBL Firmware. You might want to run this by Andy or Chris first though.

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Yes it seems that you’ve managed to get soft limits enabled on your machine. The page that Heyward mentioned will have exactly the information you’re looking for :+1: