UGS - error while starting file stream

I have Gcode created in VCarvePro.
I have three tool paths, but all use the same tool, so I saved it as one file. When I tried to run it in UGS, I get the error “error while starting file stream”. I tried to save the tool paths into separate files. I could run the first file, but go the error for both the other two.
I’ve tried to re-calculate the tool paths and send them again. No joy.
Has anyone had this issue and found a solution?

I haven’t had this issue, but I’ve been using vcarve pro so I’m following this for future reference. Hope you find a solution.

Did you make sure you are saving them as Grbl (inch/mm) (.gcode) or G Code (inch/mm) (.tap). I have not tried to cut with G Code (.tap) but it worked on my mockup arduino. I use VCarve Desktop. I just finished cutting 2 different vector drawings on the same material and used the same bit on both. Saved as Grbl (inch) (.gcode). It cut both just fine - no errors.

I just started with vcarve pro today and I used grbl with no issues to ugs

Interesting. I’ve been saving with Grbl (mm) and its working fine. I wonder what the difference is?

I’m using Grbl inch. I’ve had successful jobs, so I know that it can work. I am just trying to see if someone here has gotten the same error message and found a way around it.

If you see that error, sometimes UGS needs a moment for the code to load. Give it a minute and try running the code again.

Tks much, Andy. I’ll try again today and report back.

I ran into this with some code from carbide create. I ended up having to restart UGS, and cycle power to my Longmill to get it to resolve - I think I had neglected turn off the long mill power to the electronics box overnight. Not sure what caused it but rebooting everything should fix it, I hope.

Mike: Tks for this. I did all that and it did not fix the issue. I will have time this pm to try again, following Andy’s advice. It’s not a big deal right now, as I’m still only doing practice pieces on foam. I just figured that it was worth asking about in case it was something that I could definitively address while I’m still just goofin’ around.

I’ll pile on - I think when i was playing with UGS with the UNO with GRBL loaded, I had this trouble when UGS was getting G, or M, codes it didn’t understand. I THINK the one that hung it up was a G6, but it’s been a while. Look through the beginning of the file for a G^ and edit it out to see if it helps.

that’s odd. When I ran into the issue I had just regenerated the g-code with a different material thickness. I even used Beyond Compare to compare the two sets of g-code, the one I just ran fine, and the new one that would not run. There were only a few differences, nothing that would make it not run, so UGS or something got goofed up.