UGS G-Code file too big?

I loaded a file into UGS today and it said the file was too big… it’s just some letters for a piece of 1/4 plywood. I don’t understand how it could be too big. Any ideas?

@Nic How big is the file? I’ve not seen this and I’ve had some very big files. What version of UGS are you running? Can you do a screen cap of the error and post it? You may want to post it to the UGS google group, too.

Finally, can you post the file? I can see if I can run it.

Hey Grant. So the file is 1MB. Lol. Doesn’t seem very big to me I didn’t have time today to get a screen shot before work. But it says something like the files to big and maybe cause a problem. I’ll get a screen shot tomorrow for sure. I’m running a nightly version of UGS so maybe that’s my problem? I’ll try and post the g-code. So you can try it out

Here is the link to my Google drive I can’t add from my phone. If this doesn’t work I’ll post it when I get on a computer.

Thanks Grant

@Nic I can open and run it, Nic. I tried it in UGS august 2019 and august 2020, and it ran fine in both. So, the only thing that I can suggest is to create a new toolpath in whatever CAM software you are using and try it again.

Ok I will try it again. Thanks for helping me.