UGS isn't loading up

Hi everyone,
I always had a good luck using Universay G Code Sender untill this morning. I click on the icon, the starting scress comes up, but nothing loads up. I have installed java, but the problem still exists. I am not sure what version of this software I am using. It’s because I deleted the icon. Any help or suggestion would be great. I am not very good at using a fourum, so please excuse me being novice.

@azflyer55 Welcome to the group, Ali.

I have not used UGS is a very long time, preferring gSender, but if you prefer to keep using it, I would suggest that you go onto this site and download the latest version for your system

UGS versions for quite some time have included the version of Java that they need to run, so if I were you, I would uninstall whatever version of Java you are running before running the UGS file. UGS does not install as most windows programs do. You will just run the executable when it is unpacked. (You likely know that.)