UGS (Mac) - jogging

Loving my longmill and this forum. I noticed the other day that when jogging UGS in the X or Y axis the machine continuously moves until I press stop. Previously the controls used to step and stop on release. the Z axis steps and stops on release as normal. I haven’t figured the key command for stop so it makes it tricky zeroing in on corners. Any ideas what I’ve pressed to turn of the step jog?
I’ve heard people have linked joy sticks or controllers to jog - any links to tutorials on how to do this would be great.

@Teeman Tony: I have no experience at all on a Mac. However, the first question in these situations is “what version of UGS are you running”? If you are not running at least August 2020, I suggest downloading and running it to see if it resolves your issue. I’m not aware of any menu item or button you can click to change jogging from continuous to step.
A thought: What do you have your step size in X and Y set to? Maybe somehow, you’ve changed them to some very large amount and the machine is simply going that far.
As to using joysticks and/or other controllers, there are a few threads here on what some of us have done. They will give you a good start.

Cheers Grant, it’s very bizarre as I experimented with the step size XY and feed and could speed it up and slow it down but it sometimes the machine stops on release and sometimes it doesn’t. Very unpredictable. I’ll keep trying.