UGS Not opening

I am having diffficulty getting USG to open on my computer. It did originally but does not anymore. It seemed that it did not close properly once and has not reopened since?

@JohnLunty This may be an obvious question, but have you re-booted the PC? Since UGS does not install in windows, you are limited to what you can do. If a re-boot doesn’t fix the problem, I would suggest that you delete all the UGS files, download the latest version and try running it. If you do this, uninstall Java while you are at it. The more recent download files of UGS contain a “built-in” Java that will install when you unpack the files.

Thanks. This seems to not be making any difference. I should mention that the flash screen when opening shows up for a few seconds, allowing the red progress bar to get about 2/3 across the page - then it disappears.

@JohnLunty If you are running windows, open task manager and make sure that it is not running, but in the background. I’m grasping at straws here, but it’s worth a shot. You may want put a post onto the UGS google group. The code writer and some very knowledgeable people are on there and may have some ideas.

Thanks, I found nothing running. I’ll reach out to the UGS group.

@JohnLunty I saw your post on the ugs google group. I don’t know if you posted on this group, too

I see a problem similar to yours but under a different name.

Please report back here when you solve this. I could help someone else in the future.

I think I solved the problem. I had another instance of the program open in the user directory. When I deleted that, it solved the problem. I think exiting UGS by using the file tab and “exit” vs clicking on the “X” button TRHS is important.


oh thank you very much! you have no idea how much time i spent to solve this!
after I read your comment i went to “C:/user” and deleted all folders named after UGS. and it just worked!
thank you again, you saved me :slight_smile:

As the original issue has been addressed, I’m closing this topic. If anyone else has a similar concern, feel free to start a new topic, which will ensure that it is addressed promptly.