UGS overrid function

I have been using the UGS over ride function to dial in my feed speeds and has been really great in finding that sweet spot.
I’m just wondering if anyone knows what the “rapid “ function is in the override panel. I can’t find any info in that.

I think it increases the speed by a set factor or percent.

My understanding of a “Rapid” is the motion of the machine while the bit is in free air and not cutting. The advantage is that you can increase the speed of the machine when it is not cutting to reduce the time required to execute the file. The success of this strategy varies depending on a number of factors. Stepper motor torque drops significantly with speed so there is a risk of loosing steps if you push to hard. Personally, I would experiment on less critical projects/ cheaper materials to find the sweet spot. It is most advantageous on 2D projects and least beneficial on 3D projects.


Yes, to get a little bit more specific on what Claude mentioned: the rapids override is an override on all ‘rapid’ movement commands within your g-code (these are G0 commands) as opposed to the regular G1 (and less regular G2 and G3) movement commands

Thanks for the info guys!