UGS Platform download issue

I tried downloading the UGSPlatform last night and got this error message when trying to extract it. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!


My old eyes cannot read that screen cap.

That said, what version of UGS are you trying to install?

Have you installed java? You need it installed before UGS.

What is your OS?

Sorry about the bad screen shot… I’m running it on a HP 15.6" Laptop - Silver (Intel Core i3-1005G1/256GB SSD/8GB RAM/Windows 10) I downloaded UGS Platform first then realized the computer did not have Java installed. I then installed Java.

I have blown up the message and it’s a bit blurry, but it looks like you are getting an error telling you that the path to a .jar file is too long.

If that is the case, try extracting it to another folder, higher up in the path.

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Got it. Thanks for the help. On to the next step!

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