UGS Platform question re the Visualizer

I just installed a SSD in my laptop used to run the CNC and reinstalled Windows etc.
UGS Platform runs fine but the version I DL’d, might be updated from what I was using, now displays the entire toolpath even after the cut is complete. The version I used previously only showed the remaining path that hadn’t been cut yet. Everything after the cut disappeared. I find it very helpful on occasion to monitor the position of the tool during the cut if I need to pause or stop for some reason. I looked through the settings and couldn’t find a way to change this. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think " gsender " does everything that you are asking.

@JBLi I could well be missing something, but can you not simply go back to the version of UGS that you were using and happy with?

You may want to post this question on the UGS group here

I have not used UGS for a long time, but when I was, that group was very helpful and knowledgeable.

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