UGS - run from here feature

Paul, thanks for the interest.

Based on your thoughts, I just zeroed the router and moved it all over the table using different step sizes and speeds. I jogged around for about half an hour, and it always moved back to my set zero. I was hoping to see something weird, but I didn’t see any free form moves.

You’re right, the random moves seem like spurious signals. My LongMill has been operating since December, with no changes - same cables, router, location, PC, etc., there are no motors running nearby, and it has been trouble-free. I’ve used it for hours at a time with wood, brass, steel, and SS. I did switch to the magnetic dust shoe a couple weeks ago and thought I may have damaged a wire when I was swapping parts, so I checked them thoroughly with a meter while flexing them and found nothing. A while back I moved the motors wires off the controller and onto a Ramps board to run the 4th axis, but they’ve been back on the controller for a while and I’ve run a probably 100+ hrs since with no problems.

I thought maybe file was damaged but I compared it with the original using WinMerge and it’s identical.

Oh well, I’ll keep probing. Thanks again for the help.


Paul, your idea was such a good one I tried it again, this time with the jog speed at 20, and the room quiet. As the router moved up and down I heard crunching/clicking noises that seemed to come from the ant-backlash block. I removed it and it seemed to be solid, but I replaced it anyway - the value of having spare parts on hand - and the following runs seemed to work as planned. Fingers crossed.
Thanks gain for the idea.

Glad I could help, Bill. Hopefully that does it. Where did you get the spare anti-backlash block?

A while back I bought spares for the parts that seemed like they would be wear items - anti-backlash blocks, V-wheels, and Z-axis drive belts and pulleys, all from Sienci.