UGS stops project after a few hours

I’ve had this happen to me a couple times now. I’m running some projects that will take about 5 hours to mill and after a couple hours UGS seems to really lag at updating the graphic (it shows where the bit was about a half an hour earlier), then after about 4 hours the LongMill will stop, then start, then continue like this for a while, then after a while stop completely. UGS seems to be locked up solid and I need to close the program in order to get anything to connect again. Has anyone had issues like this? Thanks.

@PaulIllsley Welcome, Paul. This type of issue has been talked about many times here.

  1. What version of UGS are you running?

  2. What is the OS on the PC that is connected to your Mill?

  3. What are you using for dust collection?

All these things and more enter into solving this. Once you’ve replied, we can get into solutions. I’m confident that this group will find a solution.