UJK Technology Parf Guide System

I saw this in a YouTube video and I want one so bad.

I don’t see anything like it for less anywhere.

@billkaroly It looks like it allows you to make a table top with equally-spaced 20mm holes. A line drawn through the centre of any of the X axis holes will be at right angles to a line drawn through the centre of the Y axis holes. Since we can do that with our Mill, I’m not sure what this would add to the Mill’s capability. What am I missing, Bill?

I was thinking it would be handy in building my table but you’re right. It would be nice if it helped aligning the LongMill during initial setup. Pre-drilling the holes. I saw it in use on a Paulk portable workbench assembly.

Bill, I saw that some time ago and thought, just like you, I want that. Now that I have a mill I can make that top using my mill. Thats what’s exactly what you’ll have if you go with a T-nut waste board if you set it up correctly between your rails.

@billkaroly Bill: I re-read my post and I think it comes across as a shot. It was not my intention. I just thought that, with the Mill, we could achieve the same thing. No offence taken, I hope.

In terms of using that tool for setting up the Mill, here is a link to a video that uses the 3, 4, 5 method to see if your CNC router it properly set up.

I used this method on my Mill and was pleasantly surprised to find my spot on. The beauty of this method is that it is free and easy to do.

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