Units for G0 moves in Console

This is something I should know having worked in the cnc industry my whole working life. When I enter a G0 move in console I expect the move to be in inch units as I have chosen inch units. Should I need to enter a G20 before the G0 move? I’m getting unexpected results.

Bear in mind I’ve only been doing this stuff for a year with my LongMill, with another 2 or 3 years of 3D printing (which I never had to dig into the gCode for).

That said my understanding is that G20 and G21 are modal commands and should remain in effect until the other command is entered. I don’t think you should have to G20 before the G0 unless something has set G21 in the meantime. I’ve been trying to learn more about whats under the hood lately with grbl gCode and this response is probably to make sure my understanding is correct as much as to help you.

I answered my own question. If you wish to move in inch units you should add G20 before G0.

Like @_Michael said, once you’re in imperial mode, it will persist until you change it back or reset the controller.

Only the first time.

Okay. Good to know. Thanks.