Upgrade compatibility question

I need to upgrade my old tabletop CNC, the old PC died… It came with MACH3 and I have been looking to upgrade the operation but keep the basic machine. My question is, will there be a compatibility issue wiring a superlongboard to this old machine’s motors? All I know is each motor has 4 wires. The ‘Mini-CNC Controller’ as it is labeled has 2 power boxes inside. Output on 1 is +24VDC 6.5A and the second is +48VDC 7.3A. Both are 110VAC input. At first glance that’s all I can be sure of. I bought this unit used years ago so I have no documentation and it is probably of Asian decent though the machine itself is stout. Any help would be appreciated. EDIT: After inspection of the PCB the motors are plugged into I see notation of 24V. And fumbling around the internet I conclude the motors are closed loop. That being said, I am closer to thinking the SLB will work.

@BrunRM Welcome to the group, Richard. Since you specifically mentioned using a SuperLongBoard, I have moved your question to the SLB category.

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@BrunRM Others will be able to address the mechanical side of the conversion. However, the SLB will not work with Mach 3.

Yes, I understand. I intend to use gsender or ugs or similar. Thanks.

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SLB requires a 24V 10A power supply. So you may need a larger 24V supply

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Yes. If I purchase the SLB (I believe I will) I will also get the new power supply from Sienci … I think it would just make sense.

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@BrunRM you might need to wait until the alternate version of the SLB is released that we’re working on for the AltMill if the steppers are closed loop since the current SLB has its own on-board drivers that only will work for open-loop steppers. That being said, do you know if your closed loop motors have their own motor drivers that also come with them?

So, as far as open or closed loop. I misspoke by stating the motors were closed loop. They are open loop. The same type as on the longmill. My mistake…I have already placed my order for the SLB along with the power adapter. I don’t know when the SLB will ship but, I have asked for the adapter to be held until the board is ready so they can ship together… I don’t know when that might be but I wont need the adapter until then anyway.

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Ok glad to hear Richard! Good luck on the conversion, I hope it works out

Thanks Chris. I’m thinking it will just be X Y and Z running on the board. The spindle was running on a 48V power supply so I will keep it there. The motors were on a 24V power supply so I plan to just move those over to the SLB for now and power the spindle manually (if that makes any sense).

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