USB Selective Suspend in Windows 11

Windows 11 does not have USB Selective Suspend in the Control Panel > Power Options as in Windows 10 and below, here are the steps to do so in Windows 11:

You can disable the USB Selective Suspend in the device manager.

1-Right-click on Start and select Device manager
2-Expand Universal Serial Bus controllers
3-In this list, there are usually quite a few USB Root Hubs and USB controllers. Unless you know exactly which one your device is plugged in to, then you will need to perform this change on every hub and controller listed here
4-Right click a Root Hub and click properties
5-Select the “Power Management” tab.
6-Uncheck the “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” setting and click OK.
7-Repeat as needed for the other USB Root Hubs/controllers.

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Thanks for posting this @NCNC ! I’m still using an old 2011 MacBook Pro for GSender, but it is on its last legs. My USB ports are wearing out and of course they are attached to the motherboard. My plan B is to use my design computer which runs Windows 11. I really dislike Windows PC’s, but VCarve Pro only runs on Windows. The other option is to get a network hard drive and connect both computers to it. Thanks again!

My pleasure! took me a while to figure that one out, wanted to share and hopefully save someone the same headache


NCNC, Now why do you have to do this??
A little bit in left field for me.
Thank You!

Hey Condor00, in this page: Setup & Layout - gSender Docs it is mentioned that if you run long jobs, unless you have your laptop’s power options to never sleep, you risk the job to be cut abruptly, similarly, you need to have the USB with the “USB selective suspend setting” disabled so it doesn’t cut the job short either (I guess the USB connectivity may suspend if you’re not using the laptop for long periods).
Also the above link I posted is for Windows 10, my post makes reference on how to achieve the same in Windows 11 (For the USB Selective Suspend part, which changed for Win11)


I have Windows 11. I just set my power on my laptop ‘when plugged in (always plugged in on CNC), sleep never’. It just seems to me your making it too hard going through ‘USB Selective Suspend’ instead of what I do.