Using a KVM Extender

Has anyone ever tried to use a KVM Extender over IP? I am leaning towards purchasing V Carve Pro and the MK2 48 x30 machine and using a game pad for jogging control. I do have available dedicated ethernet cable to my detached garage/shop. I just don’t need another computer to maintain.

I’m no help with your question but it made me think that it’s to bad the SuperLongBoard isn’t out yet. It will allow running gSender on the control board for the machine. The link is worth a read anyway to see what the future holds.

Thank you for this information. This was one of the items I had concerns about with this machine. Seems to me that the “extra cost” is very minor compared to having a separate computer. I already have extra monitors and such so that is not an issue. This information is of great help. Again Thank you!

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