Using the Autozero Touch Plate to compensate for my lazieness

Hi, first time poster here. I have a thought about the Autozero Touch Plate (AZTP) and it’s capabilities. I’m wondering IF, since the touch plate is flush to 2 axes on my piece when it’s set (i.e. on the corner of my piece), would it be possible for the touch plate to determine squareness of the material in relation to the X and Y of the machine?

Use Case: Sometimes (ok, usually) I get greedy and try to save as much material as possible and I cut right to the edge of my material. I meticulously try to get my piece flush with the machine X axis and zero my bit to the absolute bottom left corner of the material. If the AZTP would figure out the squareness, could it then adjust my GCode to account for any possible angle that I have the piece set to (assuming that I tell GSender that my material is square at the corner on which I used the AZTP)?

Effectively, this could allow me to set a piece (that has a 90 degree corner) at any orientation on my bed (say at a random angle) and have the GSender and the AZTP figure out how to cut in relation to the (admittedly very lazy and sloppy) placement of my piece.

Of course even the slightest space between the AZTP edges and the 2 edges of my material would throw off the calculation, but if I could ensure contact along the entire edges of the AZTP then maybe this method could work.