V-Wheel upgrade

Hey all.

I want to upgrade my Felton wheels to something stronger.

Anyone know which wheels will fit the 30x30 long mill and from where I can order them?

@yurybod You can look here to see all the specs on the wheels, Yury. I have no idea where you can buy stronger ones. May I ask why you believe that the delrin wheels are not strong enough?


Hi Grant.

I saw the specs.

I know somewhere you buy haha strength polycarbonate or even steel wheels to increase precision.

I find with my longmill. That no matter how I set the tension with the eccentric nuts, and I mean from completely loose to perfect tension, the wheels constantly slice in half I and have no idea why. The wheel will disintegrate then I’m left with 3 wheels only working and obviously the accuracy is way off on that point

And by loose I mean atleast 1:16-1/8 inch of play. Which is too much.

Now I know I could say well Amy e I’m running the federate too fast but no. I’m always lower than necessary.

@yurybod Yury: Something is very wrong if you are breaking V wheels regularly. I’m sure others will jump in with suggestions, but I am positive that your problem is not the durability or strength of the delrin wheels. If that were the case, many others here would be screaming.

I’ll give this some thought, but the first thing that I would look at would be the squareness of your Mill. Are the Y gantries parallel and are they square to the X gantry? If they are out, pressure will be put on the sides of the wheels.

One user here didn’t have the wheels properly positioned on the gantries. That’s another thing to look at.

I would also suggest that you write to Sienci support for help with this. I realize that with the holidays now started, it may take them longer than usual to get back to you, but they will reply.

That was my original thought, so I disassembled the entire rig and resquared everything to a T

I have also contacted silencing and they have not had much input.

@yurybod You have likely tried everything that I can think of, Yury. One other thing to look at is to make the all the washers are in place between the wheels and the gantry plates. They can fall out during assembly, which would throw off the spacing.

Are you breaking wheels on all the gantries?

Thanks again for all your input.

Ya I double and tulle checked everything. All shims, squareness, tightness of nuts and bolts.
Absolute noggin scratcher haha.

Primarily it’s only on the xz gantry and almost always moving along the x axis.
It’s those wheels for some Unknown reason

@yurybod Last guess for a while, Yury. :grinning:

You mentioned your max speeds. What do you have them set to?

the fastest I have ever run was 100 in/min on a 1/32 surfacing run

otherwise all else, I’m running between 30-60 pending the task


I did explode one wheel, but that was because of a massive angle between the x and y gantries (one x stopped moving and the predictable happened).

But a couple of thoughts:

Is there an edge or a burr along your gantry?

You might also see pressure on the wheel if the gantry is not perpendicular to the table surface. Say, if there was a sag or crown in your table surface, the gantries would angle slightly out or slightly in.

These may be an interesting alternative…