Vacuum Box Experiment

Made a vacuum box to save my lungs, used MDF on the sides and bottom with Plywood on the top, finished in poly. Not sure if there will be enough force with all the holes, if so I’ll cover some up, especially the ones nearest the output.

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@Chaosweaver What will you be using this for? I’m guessing that it’s not to hold material down since you mention that it is to save your lungs.

Hook up the dust deputy to it and sand my small projects on the top. Should suck the dust down and out.


Just curious as to how this worked out for you? I was thinking of something similar.

Pretty garbage, first the paint came through the poly somehow and marked my projects, then the suction was weak because i made too many holes or too large of holes.

Well Damn. Concept was good. Sorry to hear that. But either you have a jumping off point to try again or put it to bed now.

I put it to bed. Now i just work infront of a fan