Vcarve - avoid area

I’m pretty new to Vcarve but wondering if there is a way that I am not aware of to change or make the gcode generated from Vcarve avoid areas e.g. hold down clamps? For instance like 3dprinting you can setup blocked areas (or other specifics) using basic primitives etc. before generating gcode.

Example image. The 2 left and right side areas I wish to put hold down clamps in. I wish to drill out 4 holes in the stock. How would I tell Vcarve Pro to make the green tool path avoid these two boxed areas left and right? So the toolpath is only allowed in the I shaped area to access the 4 drill holes.

I don’t believe such a strategy exists. In this situation clamp at the corners.

@Brummett In VCarve, you can set the rapid Z height to clear the clamps. It will slow things down slightly, but it will work.

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Thanks for confirming this. Seems like a feature I would implement if I were at Vectric. I will take both of your suggestions kindly. Thank you!