Vectric Aspire for 3D Carving

Is anyone here in the forum using Aspire software for CAD & CAM ?

@Lenny I have access to an older version. Do you have a problem/question?

I do most of my projects with a newer version of VCarvePro.

Still waiting on my cnc but I’m looking into the softwares and I will be needing to do 3D design for guitar parts like fret boards and necks. There is someone on utube but he is using Rhino3D and MeshCam. I’ve looked at some of the videos available and seems a lot more complicated on software layout. I’m expecting a huge learning curve but don’t want to regret a software purchase. Talked to Vectric on the phone and they said most guitar ppl that’s using their software is using Aspire.

Looking for advise and personal knowledge of Aspire.

@Lenny Michael Mezalick has forgotten more about 3D model making than pretty much anyone else knows. Here is his youtube site.

Vectric has some reasonable videos on their site, too. Finally, Mark LIndsay has some good beginner videos on his MarkLindsayCNC youtube channel.

My experience is so basic that I’m sure I can be of no help at all in doing what you want to do.

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Thanks for the info you provided @gwilki ill give them both a look. I haven’t made up my mind on software yet so doing a deep dive to figure it out!!!

@Lenny One thing to consider, Lenny, is that you may not need to be able to create 3D shapes, merely carve them. Mark Lindsay makes guitars and I’m pretty sure that he a couple of videos where he carves necks and fret boards using VCarvePro, which is much less pricey than Aspire.

good luck in your research

Merry Christmas! :santa:


I started out with VCarve Desktop when the Longmill was up and running and a year later upgraded to Aspire. I don’t like to be limited and the upgrade cost was +$400.00 less than a full license. IMO, it is a good idea to get a handle on the 2D side before jumping into 3D. If you can draw the profile of a guitar neck in 2D, you can extrude it. Great support with Vectric, lots of video tutorials, lots of free and paid models on the Vectric website and the Design and Make website. Really happy I chose Vectric and still learning new tricks.

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Thanks for your input. My thinking is to buy what I need upfront so I’m not regretting later. I’m out on the road till Jan. 6th and slowly whittling down my decision. Pretty sure I’m going with Vectric.

@Lenny I tend to do the same. Aspire is simply too pricey for me.

One thing about Vectric, though. You can buy VCarvePro for example and use it for a while. If you find that you need the modelling abilities of Aspire, you can update, paying only the difference in price between the VCP that you already own and Aspire. So, you lose nothing by starting with VCP.

Just a thought.


To pricey for me too ! :smiley:

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The only main advantage for Aspire over vcarve desktop/pro is the ability to create actual 3d. So unless you are making domed top guitars or some texturing, you wont have much use for the added extra cost.
Also you can create 3d in many other programs ( I use sketchup) and save those files as STL’s.

And overall for what 90% of the longmill community does, cut2D would suffice as almost everyone only cuts 2 or 2.5d files.

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One day I’ll make an attempt at one of the game of thrones guitars but that way down the road

Yep, “paying only the difference”
That’s what I ended up doing.
Lenny, we don’t like to wait, just kiss that Rottweiler on the forehead and see what happens…