Vectric Laser Module vs Lightburn

I have only seen one post on this forum of a user using the Vectric Laser Module. All the Scienci demos seem to use Lightburn.

Is there a downside to using Vectric ? just seems a no-brainer to have the laser toolpath in the same software UI as where the rest of a project might be designed (eg in building a clock : use laser for the numbers, and the standard carving to cut out the clock, inlay etc)

@GregM I use LB when I create in LB and Vectric VCarve when I create in VCarve. However, I tried the Vectric laser module and it seemed to be pricey for what it delivers. Just my opinion. Instead, I downloaded the free laser post processor for Vectric from JTech. Using it, I can do “hybrid” projects such as the clock you are talking about. I do the routing first using the generic grbl inch post and then do the laser tool path using the jtech laser post. Works a treat.


Personally I use both, I just made a cribbage board recently and used Vectric Laser Module to do the numbers. I tend to use the Vectric module for simple things and then use Lightburn for more advanced stuff like trying to laser a photo. Lightburn seems way faster at doing the photo stuff.

Edit: If I didn’t already have the Vectric module I would probably use the post processors that Grant mentioned instead.

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