Vectric laser Module

I would have liked to have posted this in the Software section but it won’t let me post a new topic??
Has anyone purchased the Vectric Laser Module?
If so is it a worthwhile purchase?
I currently used LaserGRBL which works great but I can see an advantage of being able to integrate cutting and laser work within one project.
BTW can anyone enlighten me as to why I can’t start a new topic in the Software section?

You should check out my post here. That post pretty much sums up my thoughts on the Laser Module. Not to mention there haven’t been any updates to it since it came out. If you have any question after reading that post ask here and I’ll elaborate.

@Lappa I’ve moved your post to the Vectric software topic. I don’t know why you could not start a new topic there. I am following up.

@_Michael Would you please try to put a new post in the software topic, perhaps under the vectric sub-topic, Michael. I would test this, but I have found that some times, I can do things as the moderator that other users cannot. If you can make the post, then I can follow up on why @Lappa cannot. If you cannot, we have a bigger issue to address. Thank you.;

@Lappa @_Michael has confirmed that he can post here. Can you please try again and if it fails, post a screen cap of any pop up message you get?

Still cannot start a new topic. Here’s a picture of the message when I try.

@Lappa Try this. In software help, click on Vectric. Try to create a new post in that sub-topic.

That works, I can post a new topic under the Vectric Sub-topic but not under the main Software topic.

In relation to my original question on the Vectric Laser Module. I downloaded and installed the J-tech Post Processor and it works fine in VCarve Desktop. I’ve run some tests, got all the specs. worked out re laser width, Z heights etc , created a new tool and it works fine. To use it with a carve you obviously need to generate two files but that’s not a problem.
Thanks for the advice.