Vectric V12 Out

Vectric’s Version 12 is now out and available.

$280 cdn, taxes in, to go from 11.554 Pro to 12 Pro.

Keep-out zones is very cool for consistent jigs/workholding.

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@KGN Agreed. I like the new toolpath for vbit inlays too. I’m not sold on the new interface, but that’s just personal choice.

Let’s do this like Life Insurance does!

Annual upgrade cost of $175US is LESS THAN 50 cents per day! How can you refuse that? :smiley:

That is how I justify my Jetbrains subscriptions.


@CrookedWoodTex Good logic, Tex. Except that I don’t have life insurance either. :grinning:

There are a few things that are an improvement to me. I suppose that is the same for everyone. It seems that they have primarily tried to make the interface more efficient. If I were in a more production-oriented environment, those changes would likely be more attractive.

@KGN I had to DuckDuck to see what Jetbrains is and I still don’t know. :grinning:

Its an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for various software development products like Python. Keeps a bunch of stuff together in one place.

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For those of you considering upgrading your Vectric software to v12, I have confirmed that the current upgrade prices shown on the Vectric website may only be good for 2 weeks from the launch, which was April 10. Vectric has told me in an email that they are “considering a small increase in upgrade prices”.

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I’m wondering if it’s worth the price, especially since I’m relatively new to CNCing and Version 11.554 is doing everything and anything I’m interested in.

Am I the only one who’s thinking of passing on this upgrade offer?

Marty from Kingston, ON, Canada

For anyone following this, Vectric is now up to patch 12.006, and it seems that there are still bugs to iron out.