Vertical mounting

I’ve read some stuff here on mounting the Longmill vertically, and seen the video. I’ve got mine assembled and ready to go, but for space reasons I wanted to try mounting mine to the wall. I got it hung up (with some help) and have started it putting it thru some testing.

Not surprisingly to me, the Y axis is having a heck of a time pulling the gantry up. I’ve tried adjusting the backlash bolts with no real success, and when I do get it to pull it up it’s usually in fits and starts, and will slide back down about 8-15 mm when it’s done. None of this was unexpected, but I was hoping I could adjust some things and make it work.

If I absolutely have to I’ll take it down and mount it normally, but if anybody has gotten it to run successfully while mounting on a wall, I’d really appreciated some tips.

I dont have mine but was thinking about mounting it vertically and and the extra stress that it would put on the y axis and the rollers as it would create a twisting force on it and thought of adding some counter weights that would be about the same weight as the x gantry assembly lessening the workload. dont know if this was a help

@Coogan First, I apologize for overlooking your post of several months ago. If nothing else, I could have, and should have, welcomed you to the group.

If you are still struggling with your vertical set up, I suggest that you do a search on “vertical” here. You will find quite a bit of information from Long Mill owners who are using their Mill in the vertical position. In addition, check out the Sienci Labs Youtube page. There are a couple of videos that Chris made showing his experiments with a vertically mounted Long Mill.