Vetric Vcarve Pro and the Longmill MK2

I hope I am putting this in the correct Place. Just recently purchased Longmill MK2 30 x 48 and Also Vetric Vcarve Pro from the Sienci Store.
Installed my Vetric today and during set up the software wanted CNC Machine info. Found that the Longmill was listed by only for a 30 by 30 will there be an update for the larger 30 by 48 or do I have to manually add the Longmill to the Vetric software?
I skipped that area of the software for the moment and will wait to get more information before moving forward.
Very new to the CNC so bear with me as I may ask several questions. BTW thanks for getting my License code to me Sienci for the Vetric Vcarve Pro that way as I wait for the CNC to arrive I can do predesign projects and learn at the same time.

Also I noticed that Vetric has an add on for a laser module For Vcarve will this work with the Sienci Laser ? or do I use something like light burn?

I found this link on the Vetric web site. V&Co - Vectric Customer Portal

@Jwar You can set up a custom machine in VCP is you like. You don’t need to set up a machine at all. The function seems to be there mainly to allow you to distinguish between more than one machine when you are setting up tool databases. FWIW, I’ve never bothered.

The Vectric laser module will work with the Sienci laser. If you use it, you will create and run the tool paths in the same way that you run router paths. You can use Lightburn instead, if you like. Using LB, you want either send the path directly from LB to gSender or your code sender of choice, or you can export the gcode from LB and run that from gSender or your code sender of choice.

Thank you for the response. My plan is to use gsender along with Vetric Pro. As I await my new Longmill MK2 to be shipped I am trying to learn all that I can. Since I have purchased the laser with the MK2 I want to simplify the learning curve as much as possible. Again thank you for the information it helps to make better informed decisions about what software to use. I do like Lightburn from wht I have seen in videos and so far I am liking Vetric. Adding the laser module from Vetric is the same cost as Lightburn. So I could go either way.

@Jwar I played with the trial of the vectric laser module but for my needs it was not worth the cost. LB is far more powerful and much better suited to my needs. For projects where I want to use VCarve to create my laser tool paths, I just use the free laser post processor from Jtech. For any other projects, I just do the design work and tool path work in LB. YMMV, of course.

Thanks, I am leaning more towards Lightburn. I have a full plate right now. Learning Fusion 360, Sketchup Pro, CabWriter 5.0 full plug in for Sketchup for Cabinet design along with Closet systems. Vetric Vcarve Pro. Which I found out that my Cabwriter will talk to Vetric last night by accident so that is a big plus.
I plan on using my CNC to engrave glass for the upper cabinet doors. Making me the only one doing that type of custom work so the projects are one of a kind and not off the shelf glassware. Also thinking of doing a glass engraving for my wife for her laundry room door, by making my own custom Red Oak hardwood interior door with glass inset utilizing the Longmill MK2 CNC to assist in the build. That way she can walk by and see the timers on the machines without going into the room. The possibilities are endless. I will look into Jtech too.