VFD setting to start the spindle

I have a Huanyang VFD 110v 1.5kw (model FC01-1r5G-1) that I’m about 95% configured. I can control the speed from GSender but I have to manually press the Run button. I can’t seem to find the setting for the VFD to start the spindle. It doesn’t seem to match the other Huanyang VFD’s I’ve been able to find. I was able to get the speed control thru GSender working by setting PD0009 to 1, which tells my VFD to use the AI1 input on the control circuit connections. I did find an obscure note in the manual that the AI1 on the connection panel is actually AI2 and AI1 is connected to the potentiometer for speed control. Any help on the correct setting will be appreciated.

Look at this file on how I programed my VFD.