Viking Chair / Weekly Contest Entry

Hi everyone, here’s my entry for this weeks contest.
Im unsure if it qualifies as a 2.5D or 3D project but i thought id throw it in anyways:)
I made this “Memorial” viking chair for my cousin Steve to recognize the passing of his Mom and brother within a very short time span.
I carved their initials into the celtic cross at the top and put a “3D like” design on the backrest.
Steve told me it was going to be his “Guitar play’n, Rum drink’n” chair. He liked it:)


One more pic


That looks really good. What kind of wood is it and what did you use to finish it?

Thanks very much!!
The wood is 2×12 fir that i got from the lumberyard and i used Helmsman Spar Urethane to finish it