Vinyl cutting base plate

Who needs a cricut? Making custom vinyl stickers and on the Longmill is super easy and fun? I wanted new numbers for my boat in a particular font so I bought the (15pcs Roland Cutting Knife Replacement 30/45/60 Degree Tungsten Steel Plotter Cutter Blade with Holder Base for Cutting Lettering) from Amazon. Then I made a custom base plate for the Makita router with a hole in the center just big enough that the that the cutter holder can slide freely up and down in the hole. A small spring is needed to fit inside or up against the collet to maintain downward pressure on the work surface. Yes, there are holders for the cutter you could buy or that can be 3 d printed but everyone should have the base for their router kicking around not being used.


Cool. I bought a cutter that fits the Makita that is spring loaded, and use a 1/4" plate glass about 24" square for the base.