Visualiser colors

it would be nice to have the option to have colors for the remaining code to run and a color or option to turn off the lines that have run. The Black and gray make it difficult to visually separate the two


I second the motion! The last project I did had pockets with 6-10 passes and the visualizer was about useless for seeing how far along or what layer was being done.


I thought I was just getting old and couldn’t see very well

We’re going to be both making the colour customizable and slightly changing how it works in a future Edge release.

There’s going to be clearer differentiation between lines sent to the controller vs lines remaining vs actually finished. Part of this is something we wanted to do for a while (differentiate planned vs finished), part of it is that the buffer size on the new Super Long Board is an order of magnitude larger than that on Arduino GRBL and our current method won’t work well.

Hopefully at least being able to alter the colour will help in situations where it’s not visually clear to the user.


Just wanted to pop back in to report that this has been implemented for a while now so I’ll do some housecleaning and close the topic :slightly_smiling_face: