Vortex First Project

This is the “first project” example supplied by Sienci to get our feet wet using the Vortex.

I started with a piece of square stock that was about 5" long and 1" in diameter - cut from a spruce 2x4.

I used the rotary surfacing module in Edge to make it a cyclinder using a 1/4" ball nose. Then I ran the project using a 1/4" TBN with a 10% step over. No sanding required before wiping it with a gel stain.

Job time for the actual carve was about 16 minutes.



@gwilki very nice Grant! I so want a Vortex. Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see what you come up with the Vortex.

@Jake Tks, Jake. It’s an entirely new learning experience for sure.

Newbie. Got my vortex and setting up. What does TBN mean?

@Wiremand Sorry about that. Tapered Ball Nose. That was the end mill that I used.

Lol. Thanks. I think I’m a little stupid sometimes. Should’ve figured that out.

@Wiremand No, it was on me not to be lazy and use acronyms that are not common.

You’re not the only inexperienced one here who doesn’t know the acronyms! I guess it takes time and patience…

Marty from Kingston, ON Canada

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@ApexWoodworks Funny Marty, I got the time, but sometimes still don’t have the patience. Guess it’s from growing old in a world that wants everything yesterday!

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