Vortex & gsender issues

I recently got the vortex to go with my longmill and I’m having a few issues.

  1. there’s a orange unlock machine button on the left side of the main screen that doesn’t do anything.
  2. If using the buttons to turn the vortex it goes one direction and pressing the same button it goes the other direction, if it turns at all, usually just vibrates.
  3. loaded the chess piece program and the vortex won’t turn, it vibrates back and forth even though gsender says its turning.
  4. The router drive the bit right through the work piece. Good thing it doesn’t turn.
  5. When following johann on how to load your first piece into vcarve it flips the piece around and has the head at the chuck, only does it when i click on cylinder axis.

My first impression is if it vibrates and doesn’t turn the belt is loose or a physical connection is not tight.