Vortex Rotary Axis Live Stream - May 25th @ 2PM EST

Do you have questions about the Vortex Rotary Axis? Now is your chance to get them answered live! Join our live stream on May 25, 2023, at 2 PM EST to get all the info you want on the Vortex Rotary Axis.

To let us know your questions, fill out the form linked below. Click the live stream link below to set yourself a reminder.

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See you there!

Congratulations guys on getting this finalized. This is a huge step in the versatility of the Longmill. Amazing. Congrats to everyone involved.

I know its early on, and you folks have sales to make for your hardware.

I’d like to pose the question about availability for use on “other” hardware (Shapeoko 3XXL for me.)

What is it that makes this rotary axis specific to the Longmill hardware?

Not too much that makes it specific! It’s a simple stepper motor and sensor that should theoretically work with other machines. Feel free to shoot me a message if you’re keen to give it a shot on your Shapeoko, perhaps if you feel like you’d have the time to document your process of getting it up and working then we could arrange something :slight_smile: