Vortex rotating problems

Morning all,

Hoping this might be the right spot to ask a question about the vortex.

So have the vortex installed, currently running edge 1.3.2. Have the rotary tab enabled. Completed the y axis alignment ( rotary mode off). Connected the rotary motor and home senor. Flipped the switch and completed the probe rotary z axis

Problem I am having is

I can not move the rotary axis from the rotary tab. But it will spin in the above jog window if I use the original y+/-.

Created and loaded a rotary surfacing file and getting an error 20 on line 15 unsupported command .

Just noticed 1.3.4 is out going to try that

Ok that didn’t work either. Made it worse. Now when doing the rotary mode z-axis it will not pull up to a safe distance. Rotary mode A+/- still not working either. :pensive:

@maduncan1974 A question: You said that you have the “home sensor” connected. I assume you mean the limit switch. Do you have limit switches on your other axes?

Yea all limit switches are plugged. It will home XYZ in normal mode when box is swichfed to Y and XAZ with the break out box switched to A. Noticed in the console that when i turn rotary mode off a whole list of settings seem to change. not seeing the same when i switch to rotary mode. The A+/- doesnt turn the A axis when in rotary mode. the Y+/- in the jog window will turn it.

I am also not getting the warning message “enable rotary mode” when I switch to r mode

@maduncan1974 I deleted your duplicate post in machine help, Matt.

This is the right place for your issue.

Was on my phone, moved into the house and saw the correct place I think. Either way it’s working now. Edge gives the option to connect in 2. Different formats. Guessing the default is the wrong one. Or maybe I just never noticed it.

@maduncan1974 I’m glad that you got it. You are right, Edge gives the option to connect with grbl or hal. Hal is not yet available. The default is grbl. I’ll close this topic now. Have fun with your Vortex