WARNING - Tool will cut through Material?

After choosing my 60 degree 1/4 V-bit for some text and hitting calculate… I received a tool warning:

WARNING - Tool will cut through material
The current tool cutting depth will exceed the material thickness
Material Thickness = 49.000
Maximum tool depth = 88.511

Material Set Up is at the correct dimensions , have no idea how to change this or why I’m getting it.
Any Suggestions…

@RicP If you are using a vcarve toolpath in VCarvePro or Desktop, the toolpath will go as deep as it needs to for the bit to touch both sides of the vectors it is carving. You can stop this by setting a max depth. However, if you do this, the width of your vcarves will not be as wide as you want them to be, assuming that you have set your project up correctly.

If you are using Vcarve, post your .crv file.

I think I may have figured it out.
I hadn’t noticed that the software defaulted 80 passes.
I changed to a profile rather than a VCarve
once I edited my passes to 2 the warning doesn’t pop up anymore.
I’ll play around with V tool and see if it comes up again…
strange… Is there a way to set passes or will I have to do this every time?

Here is a good video explaining V carves, V bits and their different depths depending on the bit and vectors .


@RicP The reason that your vcarve toolpath was going to cut deeper than the thickness of the material has nothing to do with the number of passes. As I said, the depth is dictated by the width of the vectors that you are vcarving between.

Changing to a profile toolpath removes that problem. Now, though, the project will look completely different as the toolpath will no longer be carving between two vectors. It will cut inside, outside or on the vectors, depending on your choice.

You do not need to set the number of passes for each project. In fact, usually there is no need to. For profile tool paths, you set the max depth. Using the information that you have put into the tool database, Vectric will calculate the required number of passes.

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@RicP Have you resolved this issue, Ric?

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