Was a little bored

So a few more projects I’ve completed. Finding out I’ll need to get a 1/16 endmill bit for some of the more intricate carving, as trying to use a 30*Vbit isn’t quite doing it. But learning as I go and this is SOOOOO much fun. Finally got a few posted to FB Marketplace. Still holding off on the whole Etsy thing as the market is just so saturated in flags, I’m afraid I’ll get lost in all the jumble. More ideas are swimming around in my head. Might even just setup my own website and skip Etsy all together. We’ll see. Having to much fun to worry about that right now though!


A few more to round out my collection for the moment!


Excellent work Edward! Hope you share your finishing technique for the rest of us. You have that down pat my friend!


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Load siphon fed sprayer with polyacrylic. Pull trigger. Sweep back and forth. Let dry! LOL That’s about all I have to do. MINOR “hair” removal on the stripes easily taken care of with a medium stiff grout brush. (It pays to work at a hardware store sometimes!) I’ll gladly answer any questions you have though on any of my “techniques”. Most of the time I just hit “run”, swap out a bit or two, and it’s pretty much done on its own! Learned a little tip from Garrett and that’s on your final pass under “Edit passes” in Vcarve, set the “last pass thickness” to .004 and hit apply. It may take one extra pass on your project, but not having to sand…PRICELESS!