Was sent a teaser today

Received my LM 30x30 today but not the extension kit I ordered within 12 hours of the 30x30 order - not sure whats up with that but thats how I had to order to get a 48x30 machine for the way I wanted to pay for it. Am Excited to receive the 1st half but on hold till the other 1/2 comes. Waiting is a slow painful process for sure! When I ordered, it said there were like 280 in stock so I figured on 2-3 days till shipping and I get it in a week or so. Later learned via email that those were only parts in stock that could potentially make that many machines. Probably should remove the in-stock part as it’s confusing as most see in-stock as ready to ship. The wait continues…

Ah…the wait is over - rest has shipped :slight_smile:

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