Waste board placement on the bench

I’m awaiting my 48x30 to arrive. I have the table built 6’ x 4’ 3/4 sande plywood. Thinking now about the waste/spoil board. I have a sheet of 3/4 MDF. I want to be able to do a pass thru on the Y axis, so initially I am thinking to just make the spoil board 50 wide (X) x 34 deep (Y) - that way when I surface the work area there are no areas higher than the work area. Is that a bad idea? Second thought was how will I line up the X/Y 0 position in that kind of setup - will i need to wait until the machine is actually operational and do a homing to see when I need to put the front of the waste pieces?

You can make the waste board to the size of your cutting area exactly if you want. You will still be able to reach it all when surfacing because of the width of the surfacing bit. I set my machine up that way except I didn’t have the limit sensors when I started so now it’s a bit off. To get it all right I think you are better off waiting until the machine is installed like you alluded to.

Thanks for your thoughts… yes limit switches are a consideration also, Maybe best to get assembled and make sure they are working THEN put the waste board in based on the x-y 0.