Waste board Torque

Found Data on MDF Torque figures. I was wondering what folks thought about this? (Seems like it would have an effect on wasteboard flatness)

Link: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Typical-torque-time-curve-when-driving-screws-into-face-of-MDF-Mean-Screw-driving-Torque_fig2_333222234

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@dworourke First welcome David! Lots of good people here who are willing to help! I did look and attempted to decipher the data from your post. Not sure if I didn’t have enough coffee yet, or it was simply too complex this early, but here is my take.

I predrilled my MDF for my spoiler board, countersunk the screws and called it good enough. When I didn’t get the carving results I was seeking (proper depth across the piece) I surfaced the spoiler board and leveled the surface. It was simple, easy and did a good job. I haven’t looked back since.

Again, welcome, we look forward to seeing your projects moving forward!

Be safe and have a great day!

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Thanks Jake
I intend to do the same but will use the torque suggestions when I bolt it down.