Wasteboard dimensions suggestion

@chrismakesstuff Another small suggestion I wanted to throw out there is in relation to the wasteboard size.

After doing lots of reading here, and also considering the dimensions of my vehicle (can only take up to 42" wide) as well as the table and wall mount scenarios, I ended up going with a slightly different size of ~52"x~42". So my X is on the 52" side. The motors do hang over the back a little bit, no concern there. The extra 4" to the left of the machine give a bit more space for the controller and wiring etc. It’s still fairly tight but definitely more comfortable than being 48" only in that direction.

I just wanted to throw it out there as an option as it may make it easier for customers to get the wasteboard home from the home center. And the off cuts can be used for initial projects and tuning the machine…